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Lower Back Pain Miami Beach

Lower Back Pain Miami Beach

  Are you looking for relief of lower back pain in Miami Beach please make an appointment at Cafe of Life.  We are trained in various chiropractic techniques to relieve lower back pain. We can also recommend lower back pain exercises at home so you can ease the stiffness and stress from your lower back. Their is also certain lower back pain relief products we can suggest to help you from lower back pressure, inflammation and help you with movement. Dr. Gordon Braun can help give you back the flexibility and make the proper adjustment to your spine for fast lower back pain relief.

 Here are a few lower back exercises for quick relief while you are waiting for your scheduled appointment.

  • Knees to chest and hold legs behind your knees hold for 8 to 10 seconds. You can also lie on your bed to do these for less pressure
  • Standing up lean over with your head up and hands on your knees slide your hands down your legs as far as you can go and back up. 
  • Child pose from Yoga is very good stretch to relieve low back pressure.

Watch this video for more exercise and demonstrations for lower back exercises.